Bluetooth Class 2 SPP Module ZEAL-C02

  • Bluetooth Ver2.1+EDR(Class 2) compliant
  • Bluetooth Product Certified
  • FCC , IC certified
  • Japanese Radio Law certified (certified as a construction type)
  • SPP (Serial Port Profile ) installed
  • DUN (Dial Up Profile ) installed ( DT only)
  • Integrated Chip Antenna
  • Easy operation with BT command
  • Connector connection



Introduction  The ZEAL-CO2 is a Bluetooth complete module. The product conforms to Bluetooth version 2.1+EDR (class 2) and is certified by Bluetooth Product Certification. The module is also certified by the Japanese Radio Law as a construction type. It is unnecessary for the module to be recertified after

it is installed in a development prototype or in a finished product.
Profile and protocol are stacked on the module, making Bluetooth communication easy with AT command-like a simple operation. By utilizing the automatic mode, automatic connection to a specific partner device at power input and automatic scanning after the power input are made possible.The module has URT interface, a connector connection type interface, with which the module is easily assembled into assembling products. The ZEAL-CO2 is a generation of ZEAL-CO1 Bluetooth Class 2 module, the production of which has been completed. It has an identical size, a connector and a pin arrangement, with which it is replaceable with CO-1 without changing the PC pattern. (Note 1)

The module installs SPP (serial port profile), with which ordinary serial data communications are easily converted to Bluetooth wireless communications. It also installs DUN (dial up network profile), with which dial up network connection with Bluetooth installed phone is possible.

Note 1: Software is partially modified with SEAL-CO2, and the specifications and commands are somewhat different from ZEAL-C01. The product is also pin-compatible with Class 1 module ZEAL-S01.